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Mayor's Message
Mayor's Message, September 2018
Dear New Milford Residents,
We have had a very busy summer around New Milford.  Verizon and PSEG have been all around town making upgrades and improvements to our utilities.  This will add to the upgrades PSEG already completed on our gas mains throughout town.  I know at times the infrastructure improvements result in traffic detours around town and sometimes it feels like they will never be done.  I assure you they are long overdue and very much needed.  The benefit will eventually outweigh the inconvenience.
The NMPD have settled into their new building and are putting it to good use.  In case you missed it Congressman Gottheimer came to congratulate us on the surplus equipment we have acquired which includes one military rescue truck, 2 electric golf cart type vehicles, generators, paper shredders, clothing, shoes, printers and more.  They are all received at no cost to the borough.  Thanks to the officers who helped us to acquire all that equipment.
The NMFD fought a spectacular fire at Canterbury Village and although one unit was destroyed there were no major injuries.  Our OEM, EMS, and NMPD were there to help and managed everything beautifully.  We also had a chance to see how our neighboring towns pitch in for us when we need them for a major emergency.
We are in the process of having two fields constructed.  One is at Borough Hall and one is at the former Suez property.  We also will begin the process of rehabilitating Berkley Field.  Our Williams Field is in tip-top shape and ready for our soccer season to begin.  Appreciation for their hard work goes out to the DPW for their help with our Recreation facilities.  And thanks to John Heineman, our Rec Director for all the new programs and his monthly reports.
It has been a long, hot summer.  I don't know about you but I promise I will not complain that it is too cold when winter rolls around.  We pay so dearly for our four seasons but each one has its' positives and negatives. 
On a personal note, I recently became a Grandmother.  I have a beautiful little grand-daughter who was born on August 8th.  Mom, Dad and Baby are all doing fine and I am so grateful for this blessing.
I hope everyone is happy and healthy going into this Autumn season.
Mayor Ann Subrizi

Mayor's Message, March 26, 2018
What I have learned in this life is that you can keep pedaling, get off the bike, or fall over.
During the decade's long struggle to get to this day I kept pedaling.  I never thought about getting off the bike and there were always enough people around me offering support so I did not fall over.   Without the support of those people we may not have made it to this day.  I have found that surrounding myself with good people who have good knowledge is the best way to come to good decisions.
Many members of many governing bodies have debated how to get to this day.  Some were in favor of this plan, some were in favor of other plans, and some were not in favor of doing anything.  I am proud to say this building now belongs to the people of New Milford.  The cost of it was planned so that it would have a minimum effect on tax increases.    It will last the residents of New Milford for 100 years.   And the space vacated by the NMPD will be put to good use in the future to solve some overcrowding issues in the Borough Hall offices.  All of this was done while maintaining the integrity, the look, and the feel of our historic Borough Hall.
The NMPD now has a facility they can be proud to call their headquarters.  The old Police Station did not even meet some basic needs and yet the NMPD got the job done.  They will now be able to more effectively do their job, which is to keep New Milford and all of its' residents safe from harm.  On this day in particular, we are acutely aware of the need for the safety and security of our home front.  Today's police officers are charged with new and challenging risks and they are the first line of defense in keeping us free from danger.  
There are many to thank.  I must offer my biggest thanks to Chief Frank Ramaci, who was promoted to Police Chief on March 1, 2015 and was shortly assigned as the Chief of the "change."  He has had a hand in overseeing every aspect of the building to make sure it met the needs of today and the future.  In addition to becoming our new Chief, he had a second full time job as he was carefully guiding and watching over the construction.  He was called upon to participate in decisions about every aspect of the building and its' furnishings.  He has also inspired the men of NMPD to become invested in the transition process and although the move seemingly happened overnight I assure you that many man hours went into it.   I say man-hours, although I am hopeful that we will soon have women hours.  After all, we now have female facilities.  I certainly look forward to the day that NMPD will once again have  females on the force.
Vince Cahill, our DPW Director, gladly took on the job of "Clerk of the Works".  At the beginning of the project he told me if he was going to  take care of the building for years to come, he wants to start with the groundbreaking and know this building from the bottom up and inside and out.   
As with everything, our Borough Administrator, Christine Demiris has been our boots on the ground -- day in and day out.  She was there to address any and all issues that arose prior to and during the construction.  Her guidance was key to completing the job and getting us here. 
This triple play of Christine Demiris, Vince Cahill and Chief Frank Ramaci are this Mayor's best support system.  Thanks is not enough but it is all I have to offer.
So many more people were involved in this project and I cannot begin to name them all and I do not want to run the risk of forgetting anyone.
I offer my thanks to everyone who had a hand in this and to everyone who would not let me fall over.
Mayor Ann Subrizi
Mayor's Message February 7, 2018
Dear Residents,
It is with great pride that I read and heard about our status as the # 2 safest town in all of NJ (above population of 10,000).  There are a great number of people to include in the making of this accomplishment, not the least of which is our NMPD and our volunteer Police Auxiliary. 
However, in New Milford I like to think that every employee, every board or committee member and all of our volunteer and civic organizations had something to do with our outstanding achievement.
I was also honored to receive a phone call from Governor Phil Murphy and accept his kind words on behalf of all New Milford.
I believe in New Milford and I find proof every day that we are a real family neighborhood.
 Mayor Ann Subrizi
Mayor's New Year's Message January 2018
The hope of this new year of 2018 is going to be a great one for us.  I am hoping for New Milford milestones that we have been working towards for many years.  We will soon be opening our new Police Headquarters, the Memorial Field redevelopment is set to go, the Hirschfeld Brook project  stands as a blossoming monument to an award winning engineering plan, our fire departments are settled into their refurbished buildings, and the Suez project is underway.  This was done with much discussion - and at times disagreements - but always done with the spirit of democracy prevailing.
This has been a hard time for my family.  My husband, Dennis, passed away on December 9th.  I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that are helping us to get through this difficult time.  I have been absent from my Mayor duties and I owe a debt of gratitude to all those who pitched in for me while I took this time away from Borough Hall.  I have had a minor health issue which will keep me away a little while longer but I look forward to my return in mid-January.  In the meantime I will be working from home.
I wish everyone good health and a Happy New Year.
Mayor Ann Subrizi
Mayor's Message September 2017
Dear Residents:
While most folks think of spring as the new beginning, I am of a mind to call autumn the new dawn.  Maybe it is because I work in a school and early September is always the new beginning.
We are close to finishing the construction on the new Police Headquarters.  This will be the beginning of a new era in our Police Department led by Chief Frank Ramaci who has guided this process on a daily basis.  Please stay tuned for the date for the Grand Opening and Dedication.  This building will serve the safety and the security of the present and future residents of New Milford for many decades to come. 
We find that being pro-active in our buildings and grounds serves us better than waiting for things to crumble.  Vince Cahill, our DPW Superintendent is doing a great job as Clerk of the Works for the new building and a fantastic job of caring for all of our public buildings around town.
Our Borough Hall is in tip-top shape and run by our very capable Borough Clerk/Administrator Christine Demiris.  We hope you have had a chance to come to Borough Hall and see just how open and friendly our staff is.  We have also installed a locked drop box for those who want to pay their taxes after hours. 
I find that most of the people I meet have nothing but high praise for the services provided and happiness for choosing to live in New Milford.  We continue to maintain our small town feel, while being so close to the culture, job opportunities and value afforded by being a suburb of New York City.
This governing body is not squabble free but we always have the best interests of all of our residents when we discuss and decide issues affecting your life and livelihood.
Mayor Ann Subrizi
                                   September 11, 2001 - We will never forget!

 Mayor's Message June 2017
Dear Residents:
I want to assure everyone that the New Milford Borough Hall will remain as it is today.  It was paramount to me in the negotiations regarding the new Police Station that our beautiful building stay in its' original state.  I think it is the finest Borough Hall in the County.  It will soon need a new roof, but it will not alter the look of the building. 
The progress on the new Police Department headquarters continues to be ahead of schedule.  This is partly due to the favorable weather conditions.  The project is on budget and we anticipate its' finish before the end of the year.  We recently had a minor change order due to requirements from our utility companies, PSE&G and SUEZ. 
We are looking forward to our annual National Night Out on August 1st.  It has grown into an event that brings out many residents who can find all New Milford has to offer and socialize with their neighbors at the same time.
Thanks to Councilman Al Alonso for standing it for me at the Mayor's Kayak Cup Challenge at the Oradell Reservoir.  He missed first place by 4 seconds!  This is an excellent event on the first Saturday in June.  The reservoir is open to all kayakers on this day for racing and open kayaking. 
I have attended many ceremonies this spring and I am grateful for the spirit of New Milford.  We have more Eagle Scouts than any other town; our Girl Scouts are thriving and aspiring to the Gold Award; The Senior Athletic Awards and the Scholarship Awards show us once again how generous New Milford is for these worthy causes; thanks to the Elks we have a beautiful Flag Day ceremony which outlines the history of the American Flag; the Bergen County Historical Society had their annual dinner where they elected their Board of Trustees and honored many in that community, including Kevin Wright who passed away (way too early) last August; The NMFD 5K and the Fishing Derby were held in spite of the threat of rain which held off until those events were complete.
I receive many compliments on the spirit of New Milford and it is all due to the efforts of our Borough Employees, our volunteers, our Governing Body, and all of our residents who continue to amaze me with their knowledge and their generosity.
Have a great summer!
Ann Subrizi, your Mayor
Mayor's Message May, 2017
We are proud to present Mr. Ethan Agnello's essay.  The topic of historical homes is one close to my heart.  He became a semi-finalist in the Louis Bay Future Municipal Leaders Scholarship Competition.  He receved an award certificate from the NJ State League of Municipalities which will be presented to him (with others) in the near future.
Mayor Ann Subrizi
Ethan Agnello
Mayor Ann Subrizi
Future Municipal Leaders Scholarship
6 March 2017
What my Municipal Government does best
The New Milford Municipal government helps the town in a multitude of ways. From keeping the streets clean, making sure snow is cleared off the street, keeping the trees beautiful and trimmed and making the town safe for kids to bike ride at any hour. One of my personal experiences of enjoying the initiatives that the New Milford Municipal government protrudes, is the care for historical homes. New Milford was officially incorporated in the 1920’s, however the town was originally founded by settlers like David Demarest in the early 1690s. All over the town of New Milford, historical homes are the cornerstone for displaying the historical significance of the town that is nicknamed the “Birthplace of Bergen County”. The town helps to protect these valuable historical relics through the Historical Preservation Committee. I was lucky enough to be a part of this group that has done such amazing work in making sure the longevity of the houses prominence is extended consistently. The municipal government prioritizes this matter as the members of this committee have the Mayor's ear. The Mayor is always willing to participate in occasions for the Historical Commission, the biggest being the presentation of the historical map of Bergen County last summer in the New Milford Public Library. Members of the Historical Commission coordinated with a townsperson who owned pieces of an old map that was laying in their attic. After months of watching over the delicate process of rebuilding this masterpiece, it was finally completed and was able to be displayed in the library. This piece of traditional art showed the geographic contents of early mapping techniques, and how the towns in Bergen County today got their town borders and boundaries. The New Milford Municipal Government helps in trying to make town history a focal point throughout the town culture. Showing the importance of town history and how it plays into shaping history on a larger scale. Town history helps to show the local impact that historical events affecting the county, state, and have. To preserve the emotions and impact of individual events on the town, shows how it shaped local communities and how it affected future generations. The New Milford Municipal Government is a key entity for the town of New Milford, as without them we would not have any knowledge of the rich history that helped to shape the town. Thanks to the efforts of the New Milford Municipal Government and Historical Commission the town of New Milford, New Jersey has become a town proud of its long history. Traditional homes grace the town, each with a story to tell. Without efforts by the New Milford Municipal government, historical houses would be irrelevant. Their stories would lack being incorporated into the town story. The local government does this best helping townspeople to the history of the wonderful town they’re in. You should not neglect the town's story as you may not be lucky to have a town like New Milford who preserves it so well.

 Mayor's Message March 21, 2017
Dear Residents:
Thank you to all who helped make the Mayor's Rain Barrel Workshop such a big success, especially our Recycling Coordinator, Julia who was instrumental in making everything run smoothly.   We had 23 rain barrels and 22 of them went to good homes. The one remaining barrel was the model and it is our intention to raffle it off at National Night Out.   The barrels come from Paterson Pickle and using them is another aspect of recycling and re-purposing.  On the Borough web site you will find 10 good reasons to have a rain barrel.  
Our 2017 budget will be introduced at the March 27th public meeting.    Here are some of the highlights.
This budget will create a fiscally solid surplus base.
We were able to continue to fund an employee sick day bank by adding 400K -- total now is $800K.
We re-structured our capital funding to reduce bonding which reduces our debt obligation.
We have recently completed the renovations at both fire houses ($2.1M).  We completed the award winning Hirschfeld Brook project ($1.6M).  We are on schedule to open the new Police Station in the fall ($4M).   PSE&G updated their gas pipes in the street and many miles of roads were repaved in the process at no cost to the Borough.  Our own road program will see $350K of improvements this year.  We have bought back fourteen more homes (of willing sellers) using Blue Acres funding.  This can be added to the five homes we bought using Bergen County Open Space funds.  Four other homes were razed by the owner of the properties.  The total of homes we have removed from harm's way (and from the tax rolls) is 23.  In the future, we plan to replace the lost tax revenue from the flood buy-outs with new development. 
If this budget passes you will have NO INCREASE in your municipal taxes for the second year in a row.  Along with all the improvements and contract obligations New Milford continues to grow in value.
If you would like to make any comment on the budget, the public hearing will be at our council meeting on April 24, 2017.

February 23, 2017
Please join New Milford Mayor Ann Subrizi for the opportunity to build your own rain barrel.  This event will be held at the New Milford/Teaneck Elks Lodge at 1 Patrolman Ray Woods Drive (behind Borough Hall across from the Little League Field.)  We will start at 11am on Saturday, March 11th.  Please reserve your rain barrel by emailing asubrizi@newmilfordboro.com.   The cost of $25 is to cover the cost of the materials.  It's a real bargain!
The event is being held in collaboration with the Hackensack Riverkeeper's ambassador program and New Miford's own recycling coordinator, Julia Burdge.
Please join us. If you aren't sure about building a rain barrel come for the information. You can learn more about rain barrels and how they help the environment.
Spring is coming.  See you on March 11th.
Re-Org Meeting January 2, 2017
Dear Residents:
I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.  As we get older the Healthy part of that becomes more meaningful.  We have new and returning council members and I know in my heart that each one of them is here on behalf the best interests of our Borough residents.

We have our first brand new Senior Citizen transport vehicle.  All the others were hand-me-downs.  As our Seniors come to depend on this service more and more, we are looking to improve it.  Thanks to our Recycling Committee, we are all becoming better recyclers, which increases our revenues in that area and makes New Milford a better citizen in the environmental world.  Our Historic Preservations Commission recently awarded two beautiful NM homes an award of distinction for their initiative in maintaining the history of their homes.  Our Library is a world of wonder to me.  Please visit and take advantage of all they have to offer.

There are many employees and volunteers who make this town what it is and I am humbled to be your Mayor.  Rest assured that my decisions are based on fact and research and I would never agree or disagree with any member based on their party affiliation.  As has been said by others there is no Democrat or Republican way to plow snow. 

It is my intent to work together as a team, even if there are points that we may disagree on.  As long as the goal is to best serve the public we can't go wrong.
 November 2016
Dear Residents:
Let us welcome Councilman Ira Grotsky to the Governing Body.  Thank you to Senator Bob Gordon who did the swearing in at Monday's meeting. 

The meeting also included a very important conversation outlined below.
We began the presentation on our current COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) obligation which involves the Suez/United Water Property near the High School.   This discussion started many years ago and has evolved through the years and has a long history.   What is certain is the Affordable Housing Obligation needs to be met as ordered by the NJ Supreme Court Mt. Laurel decision.  Our obligation was "parked" on this property in previous Master Plans. 

Recently, New Milford was made a Defendant in three separate lawsuits which have since been consolidated. Amongst other things, the lawsuits challenge the zoning board’s denial of NMRA’s application to construct a Shop Rite, bank and 24 apartments at the property, and our unmet affordable housing obligation. I would like to recap what our three current options are:

OPTION A - Do nothing and let the Judge decide.  Make no mistake that the do nothing option does not mean that nothing will happen.  It is quite likely that the Judge will grant the application based on the COAH obligation.  This would probably result in the Shop Rite, the Bank, and the 24 units of affordable housing which would go toward our unmet needs.  There would be no 10 year repose on future obligations. This scenario would leave New Milford vulnerable to more builder’s remedy lawsuits by developers.

OPTION B - For the past several months, at the court's insistence, we have been meeting with the developer in committee* in an attempt to reach a settlement.  After these meetings we have crafted a draft proposal which was presented.   This proposal includes a Shop Rite, a Bank, and the transfer of 1/3 of the property to the Borough of New Milford for use as a recreation field.  This proposal calls for a graded field with ample drainage to control up to a 50 year storm event.  In addition to the transfer of property the developer will contribute $750,000 earmarked entirely for the development of the field.  There is an offer of another $50,000 for maintenance.   The developer will also transfer a new paved parking lot to service the field. The housing element would be moved to the property where the current Shop Rite exists and it would become a mixed use small retail and housing complex which would include 135 units, including the 27 affordable units (similar to what is proposed in Option A).  In this agreement we would provide New Milford a 10 years repose from any further COAH obligation.

OPTION C - High density housing.  No one can say how many units would be approved, since the COAH rules are still in flux.  This property is currently zoned residential and could remain 100% residential.  In that scenario our COAH obligation increases in order to meet the mandated percentages.   It is likely to be a mid-rise apartment building with between 350 - 500 units.    As a rule each 100 units includes 20 units of affordable housing.  For example 400 units would include 80 units toward our unmet need.  There is no assurance of the 10 year repose.

I am certain that you don't like any of these options.  Neither do I.  As your Mayor I must guide the Governing Body to a decision.  The court is pressing us for a decision.  We will have a special meeting on December 12, 2016 at 7PM to discuss this matter, which was presented to the public at our November 28th meeting.   

There are many moving parts to any one of these options.  There are Planners and Engineer's reports that have yet to be examined with regard to the obvious questions of flooding, traffic, lighting, landscaping, increased student enrollment, our precious heritage trees on River Road, and many other issues (including COAH) that are present in all three options. 

However, we need to make a decision now as to which path we will take.   I welcome your input at the meeting.   If you prefer I am always available via email.   asubrizi@newmilfordboro.com
* The Borough committee included Mayor Ann Subrizi, Councilman Al Alonso, Councilwoman Hedy Grant, Borough Administrator Christine Demiris, Borough Attorney Mark Madaio, Planning Board Attorney Marc Liebman and at times our Planner, Paul Grygiel.

Proclamation of Peace and Unity
Since our nation was founded, American prosperity has been fueled by the recognition that we are stronger as a nation when we work together.   Our nation and our state’s success has always been the product of our unique capacity to welcome the contributions and spirit of entrepreneurship of all people – immigrants and native-born – who seek to achieve the American dream.   Regardless of race, gender, creed, or country of origin, we are joined in the values of hard work and give thanks for the shared opportunity that defines    us as residents and volunteers of New Milford
At no time in our state’s history has the need to work together been more necessary, and it is important that New Milford join in this spirit of welcoming and to embrace the talents and contributions of all residents.   In a 21st century economy, we must create communities that leverage the full potential of all who live here. We must capitalize on diverse perspectives, cultures and talents as the most valuable assets in an economy where knowledge, creativity and innovation reap the greatest benefits, and becoming a more welcoming community means more customers for our local businesses and a thriving economy that benefits us all. Building communities that welcome all also speaks to our deepest values as Americans and to our greatest aspirations for prosperity and economic growth.  By recognizing the contributions that we all make to create a vibrant culture and a safe environment, we make New Milford more welcoming to all who call it home.
This day, let us give thanks for the spirit of unity that brings together our residents of New Milford.  I ask you to review your commitment to our core American values and to take action in the spirit of unity. Let us come together to build a New Milford where every resident has the opportunity to contribute at his or her best.  Let us come together to create a more prosperous and safe community.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ann Subrizi, Mayor of the Borough of New Milford, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby proclaim today and every day to be a day of peace and unity in our town.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have offered my signature on this twentieth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen.
Mayor Ann Subrizi
November 20, 2016

Police Station Ground Breaking Ceremony
I would like to welcome Two Brothers, along with the return of Rob Conley, to the New Milford Family and we are ready to go with our new Police Station.  The discussions and the planning which has gone on for many years has finally reached the stage where we are really about to start.
As we break this ground on September 12, 2016 it is impossible not to think back to 15 years and one day ago when the ground that broke became Ground ZERO.  Fifteen years ago and for some time thereafter petty politics went on vacation.  There was a flow of patriotism and flag waving that has dwindled over time.  Politics has played a role in getting us to this moment but now that we are here I would like to move forward with the wonderful project that will enhance the safety and security of our residents and give our first responders the tools they need to do their job.

Mayor Subrizi requested this letter be shared with all Residents of New Milford:

 July 18, 2016
Dear New Jersey leader,
Now that summer is here, many of our customers are thinking about beaches, barbecues and perhaps a long-awaited vacation with their families – and rightly so. While customers are enjoying all that summer has to offer, the last thing on their minds is heating their homes this winter.  Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that we’ve proposed to lower residential gas bills by another 7.4 percent on October 1, meaning customers will save even more this winter – on average, $64 per year.
Feeling good about gas bills
PSE&G residential customers can feel good about the fact that they’ve paid about 20 percent less for gas than other utilities in the region over the past two years. In our annual filing with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), PSE&G proposed to reduce its basic gas supply rate to 34 cents from 40 cents – the lowest rate in 16 years. To put this proposed rate reduction into perspective, in 2009 PSE&G’s gas supply rate was $1.19 per therm.  This year that rate would drop to 34 cents per therm. That is a huge savings – good for customers and the economy of the state.
Utility work ahead
I’d like to offer a sincere thank you to the municipal officials across our service area who are supporting our efforts to upgrade our natural gas infrastructure and inspect meters for safety.  This year alone, we are performing safety inspections on gas meters in 87 towns, and working in 144 towns to replace aging cast iron and unprotected steel gas mains.
The mains and service lines are being replaced with strong, durable plastic piping, which is much less likely to have leaks and release methane gas. The new elevated pressure systems also enable the installation of excess flow valves that automatically shut off gas flow if a service line is damaged, and provide better support for the use of high-efficiency appliances. This is important work that will ensure the continued safety and reliability of natural gas service now, and for the future.
We’re ready for the summer heat
This summer PSE&G customers are benefiting from significant infrastructure investments that are in service for the first time this year. Much of the work was completed as part of our $1.2 billion Energy Strong program to protect our facilities from severe weather. Notable projects completed since last summer include protecting, raising or rebuilding six substations and switching stations; installing smart grid technology to better monitor system operations and increase our ability to more swiftly deploy repair teams at 65 substations; and completing 149 projects that address critical facilities, including hospitals, water treatment plants, telecommunications facilities and police stations.
In addition to these electric distribution upgrades, PSE&G energized two transmission reliability projects that will maintain reliability by relieving congestion on other regional transmission systems. A third major upgrade is scheduled to come on line this month. These investments in transmission and distribution facilities – along with our highly trained and skilled workforce – are what keep PSE&G among the most reliable utilities in the nation, year after year.
Grid-connected solar serves the greater good In May, we filed a request with the NJBPU for an extension of our Solar 4 All® program. If approved, the extension will allow PSE&G to invest another $275 million to design and construct an additional 100 megawatts-dc of grid-connected solar capacity on landfills and brownfields in its New Jersey electric service territory. We expect that the extension would create approximately 575 direct jobs in New Jersey during construction time.
Unlike privately owned solar systems on homes, our Solar 4 All® projects are connected directly to the electric grid and are 40 percent less expensive per watt than a residential solar project. And all customers share the benefits of these large solar farms. We expect that our filing, if approved, will help bring the solar credit market back into balance at lower prices. This is a good thing since all customers pay for these credits, or SRECs, that help subsidize residential solar projects.
Thank you for this opportunity to update you on some of the projects under way at PSE&G to maintain and improve the energy services on which New Jersey residents and businesses rely.

I hope you enjoy the summer months, and know that the men and women of PSE&G will do everything they can to continue to provide safe, reliable electric service now and for many years to come.

January 4, 2016
From Mayor Subrizi at the Re-Organization Meeting
Welcome to New Milford 2016 Mayor and Council.  We welcome Councilwomen Thea Sirocchi- Hurley and Hedy Grant.   It is with good wishes that we say good bye to Councilmen Mike Putrino and Austin Ashley and we thank them for their years of service.   I hope that as this important year moves forward that this 2016 council will be able to work together.   I urge this council to consider all options and vote what is best for the residents of New Milford.   We have many important issues facing us, as always, and we must always decide what is best for all.
We begin the year with remodeled Firehouses at Company 1 & Company 2.   Firemen put themselves in harm's way whenever they answer a call.  There was no reason for them to risk their personal safety in their own firehouses.   We are happy to have corrected the deficiencies and the NMFD buildings are now equipped to sustain the needs of present and the future.
After three years of planning and discussions, we are ready to begin work on our new Police Station, which was needed in order to bring our police headquarters into modern day compliance with prescribed standards and create safe conditions for all of our policemen, as we have done for the firemen.  I understand that not everyone is happy with the plan, but as Mayor I have found it is hard (almost impossible) to please everyone.   I am looking forward to breaking ground in the spring and I will look for everyone's support as we move forward.. 
The other hot topic on everyone's mind is the introduction (once again) of the idea that we need the addition of a turf field that will augment our facilities at our Recreation & High School areas.    This discussion has just begun and it will continue this year.  If you look at other towns that have turf fields it is easy to see that the conversation will be full of supporters and detractors.  I will ask that everyone involved treat each other with mutual respect for each other's opinion.  We will get the facts and the costs sorted out and report back to the public with our progress.
While the Police and Fire Department have gotten a lot of attention lately, I want to thank our other first responders, the Police Auxiliary team and the NM Volunteer Ambulance Corp.  They annually contribute thousands of hours of volunteer service.  We also have a new OEM department and on behalf of our OEM coordinator I urge you to go to the Borough website and sign up for Swift Reach.  In addition to emergency matters you will receive timely text and/or email and notices about construction detours and other Borough information considered urgent.  Our reverse 911 phone system is also still in use if you still choose to receive a phone call to your home phone.
Speaking of road and construction detours, we are reaching the end of our Energy Strong project which has included the installation of thousands of feet of new gas mains and improved connections to the households involved.  The question I am most often asked has to do with the repair of the roads.  Energy Strong has pledged to return our roads to what they were before they started and we have pledged our cooperation to integrate our annual road program, in order to maximize our improvements.  We hope you will see the results as soon as weather permits.
New Milford has and will continue to be a small town with an amazingly active group of great volunteers.  I am grateful and humbled to be your Mayor.  I am available to all residents by phone and by email to help and/or answer questions.  Please check in with our updated web site for contact information.
Lastly, our thoughts are with our servicemen and women, here and overseas.  I pray that they stay safe and return to their families.  And we thank our veterans who have already sacrificed a great deal so that we can be free.
On behalf of the entire council, we wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!
Welcome to all and special thanks to the NMHS band led by Heidi Kolb, to the Girl Scouts who always entertain us and bring us so much joy, and to the Public Events Committee for putting this wonderful evening together.
It is customary at this time to thank all of our volunteer emergency service personnel.  The fire departments, the ambulance corp and the auxiliary police contribute many volunteer hours to our town to help keep you safe and healthy.  Our thanks is never enough but it is offered at this most appropriate moment.
NM Volunteer Fire Department = 436 calls NM Volunteer Ambulance Corp = 1600 calls NM Police Auxiliary = 3000 hours
I have a special acknowledgement for the NM Police Department.  When a police department is successful at their job no one notices.  When a police department is unsuccessful at their job everyone notices.   We are fortunate to have the type of police department that goes about their daily work, largely unnoticed.  However, the NMPD is on the job 24 hours a day 365 days per year and it is because of their hard work that you feel safe in your homes and in our town. 
This year our Borough Council has added a Menorah to our celebration.  The recognition of Hanukkah is particularly special this year, as today is the first day of Hanukkah.  The Festival of Lights celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.   More than 21 centuries ago a small band of faithful Jews defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth and drove them from their Holy Land to reclaim their Temple in Jerusalem.   As they attempted to light the Menorah they found they only had enough oil for a one-day supply.  Miraculously, the one-day supply burned for eight days.  Thus, Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights.  Tonight we will light the first candle.
On this night we would like to express the joys of Christmas and Hanukkah in this combined celebration.  And we wish all people of all faiths health and happiness at this joyous time of year.


Dear Mayor Subrizi,

The Hirschfeld Brook Flood Control Project was recognized as a winning entry in the 2015 Municipal Engineering Project of the Year Awards Program by the New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers. This prestigious award will be presented at the Society's luncheon held on November 18th during the New Jersey League of Municipalities Annual Conference in Atlantic City.

The study and resulting design of the improvements and widening of the Hirschfeld Brook channel was necessitated due to flooding conditions experienced by homeowners and public properties during storm frequencies slightly greater than the 25-year storm events.

The successful completion of this project required the collaborative effort of various stakeholders within the municipality - i.e. New Milford's Mayor Ann Subrizi, the Borough Council, Dr. Stephen T. Boswell, P.E., affected property owners, and environmental interest groups throughout the design and construction in order to ensure the goals of the project were met in a cost effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

The beneficial effects of the project were realized through an immediate reduction in the frequency and intensity of the flooding that had long been a serious problem within the northwestern portion of the Borough. The flood control project has dramatically improved the quality of life for the local residents in this area and has enhanced the water quality of the Hirschfeld Brook.

From John Cassetta, Boswell Engineering


Ann Subrizi, Mayor