September 2013
The New Milford Free Public Library provides library service within the borough of New Milford, New Jersey. The New Milford Public Library is governed by the Board of Trustees.
A. DUTIES. The Board of Trustees shall manage the business and affairs of the Library and shall appoint as Director of the Library a person duly qualified to act as such. The Director shall report directly to the Trustees.
B. MEMBERS. The Board of Trustees shall consist of seven appointed members, the Mayor and the Superintendent of Schools for a total of nine members. The Mayor and the Superintendent of Schools may appoint an alternate delegate to attend the meetings and act in their stead. These alternate delegates shall have the full privileges and duties of regular members including the right to vote except when the person they represent is present.
C. TERM. Each appointed Trustee shall serve for a term of 5 years. Terms shall be staggered so that no less than one term shall expire in any given year. In the event of a vacancy prior to the expiration date of the term of appointment, the mayor shall appoint a resident of New Milford to complete the unexpired term.
D. The Board of Trustees and its members shall have the powers, authority, duties and responsibilities set forth in NJSA 40:54-1 et seq. The Mayor and Superintendent shall serve ex officio.
A. OFFICERS. The officers shall include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
B. TERM OF OFFICE. Officers of the Board of Trustees shall be elected at the annual reorganization meeting to serve for one year.
C. DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT. The President of the Board shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, certify all bills approved by the Board, authorize calls for any special meetings and generally perform the duties of a presiding officer. The President is empowered to sign checks drawn on bank accounts maintained by the Board.
D. DUTIES OF THE VICE PRESIDENT. The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and sign checks drawn on bank accounts maintained by the Board.
E. DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY. The Secretary (i) shall keep a true and accurate account of all proceedings of the Board meetings, (ii) shall cause to be issued notices of all regular and special meetings; (iii) shall have custody of the minutes of the Board during his or her term as secretary at the end of which the minutes shall be given to the Director for preservation; and (iv) shall keep attendance records.
F. DUTIES OF THE TREASURER. The Treasurer shall (i) have charge of the library funds and income outside the appropriations in the charge of the Borough treasurer; (ii) sign checks on the Library bank accounts on the authorization of the Board; and (ii) report at each meeting on the state of the funds.
G. SUCCESSOR. If the President is unable to complete the term of office, the Vice President shall complete the term. If the Secretary or Treasurer is unable to complete the term of office, the Board shall appoint a successor from among the Trustees for the remainder of the term.
A. QUORUM. A meeting may not be held nor business transacted in the absence of a quorum. A quorum shall consist of a majority of appointed Trustees.
B. REGULAR MEETINGS. All meetings shall be held at the Library. The Trustees shall meet at 4:30 pm on the third Thursday of every month except July and August except as otherwise determined by a majority of the Board of Trustees in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act. The annual reorganization meeting shall be held at the Trustees’ January meeting. A regular meeting shall be held immediately following the reorganization meeting.
C. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings may be called by the Trustee President or upon written request of a majority of the Trustees for the transaction of business stated in the call of the meeting. The Secretary shall notice the Trustees of a special meeting via email or text.
D. PUBLIC NOTICES. The Library Director shall be responsible for noticing the public of all meetings pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act.
E. CONDUCT. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Law, the laws of the State of New Jersey and Roberts Rules of Order.
Special committees for the study and investigation of special problems may be appointed by the President, such committees to serve until the completion of the work for which they were appointed. However, in the event that a committee member’s term on the Board expires, a new Board member shall be appointed as a replacement.
A. DUTIES. The Library Director shall be the executive officer of the Board of Trustees. The Director shall (i) recommend to the Board the appointment and specify the duties of other employees and shall be responsible for the proper direction and supervision of the staff; (ii) supervise the care and maintenance of Library property; (iii) provide an adequate and proper selection of books and other materials in keeping with the stated policies of the Board; (iv) efficiently provide Library service to the public; (v) provide for the Library’s financial operation within the limits of the budgeted appropriation; and (vi) assist the Board in the formulation and submission of an annual budget as provided below and such other duties as the Board may reasonably require.
B. PERSONNEL. The Library Director shall have the authority to appoint employees without prior approval of the Library Board provided such appointments are submitted for approval at the next regular meeting of the Board and provided such appointments are in accordance with the appropriate laws and collective bargaining agreements covering such appointments.
C. REPORTS. The Library Director shall prepare and submit to the Board at each regular meeting a report of matters concerning the Library and of the activities of the Library during the prior month(s).
D. BUDGET. The Library Director shall prepare a proposed annual budget and capital requests for the operation of the Library for consideration by the Library Board. Upon approval by the Board, a budget shall be submitted to the Mayor and Council for inclusion in the borough’s budget.
The order of business at the regular meetings shall be as follows:
Call to Order
Recitation of the Open Public Meetings Act
Roll Call
Treasurer’s Report
Director’s Report
President’s Report
Committee Reports
Old Business
New Business
Public Comment
Notice of all meetings of the Library Board shall be made in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.
These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board by a unanimous vote of the quorum provided that the Board was given the specific changes at the previous meeting and provided that the exact wording of the amendment is provided to the Trustees in the notice of the meeting and that the public is noticed according to the Open Public Meetings Act.