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Green Team
Mission Statement:  
The Borough of New Milford Green Team is committed to working with the Mayor and Council, Borough Committees and citizens of the borough in order to maintain a vital and sustainable community.  This shall be achieved through the implementation of environmental practices and initiatives which will enhance the quality of life for our citizens.

Our vision for New Milford is to create a community that understands its environmental assets and resources and will act to protect and enhance them. The Green Team, under the direction of the Mayor and Council and interaction with other committees, shall lead by example.  In order to achieve this vision, the Green Team will set goals for the future, use indicators and targets to track progress, and promote and educate government, citizens, businesses, schools, and civic organizations.   By doing this, a Sustainable New Milford will be achieved.
  • Collaborate with citizens, employees, government officials and service providers to share resource information and ideas consistent with the Green Team’s mission.                
  • Encourage participation of all citizens and employees to solicit ideas on green initiatives.
  • Research and analyze green initiatives which make practical environmental and financial sense.
  • Develop strategies for green initiatives in municipal operations.
  • Collaborate, research and work with other groups towards becoming “Certified” through Sustainable Jersey (http://www.sustainablejersey.com).
  • Research, review and create a sustainability element in the Borough’s Master Plan.
  • Research and coordinate efforts to create planning incentives, direct funding and resources towards sustainability.
  • Promote and educate about environmental issues through Green Fairs and Green Challenges.
  • Recognize and celebrate existing initiatives and programs that the Borough is already doing that support sustainability.
Green Team Members: Term Expires    
Joshua Pomerantz                   12/31/17    
Julia Burdge                  12/31/17    
Vince Cahill 12/31/17    
Jeffrey DelVecchio       12/31/17    
Lynn Torpie       12/31/17    
Sue Klecha 12/31/17    
Marlene Casey 12/31/17    
Tammy Kaminski 12/31/17    
Iris Browne 12/31/17    
Ralph Mastrangelo 12/31/17    
Councilman Grotsky, Liaison      
Councilman Cabrera, Liaison

The Green Team meets the fourth Thursday  of each month at 7:00PM.