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Senior Services
Senior Center Re-Opening F.A.Q. - click here
New Milford Senior Transportation is Rolling Again! 
Medical/Dental Appointments ONLY

(No Shopping, Physical Therapy or Errands)
Must schedule 3 days in advance - available 4 days/wk
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Earliest appointment: 9:00 AM (pick-up could be up to one hour in advance of your appointment)
Latest Appointment: 1:00 PM No Pick-Up After 3:00 PM
Questions: Call Kathy Michkowski 201-967-5044 x 7874

January 2022 – We are pleased to be open and offering a great lineup of activities for 2022!  It’s been great seeing people reconnect “live and in person”  at the center, and we are so grateful for everyone’s commitment to Covid safety as we continue to follow CDC guidelines.

Our re-opening policies and procedures remain in effect, including mandatory mask usage, and the center open to NM residents only.  Our registration is done in person rather than online, so you are able to tour our facility, meet staff, and ask questions. 

Take a look at our monthly calendar with upcoming events! You’ll see that we have a full expanded winter exercise schedule including Tai Chi, Aerobics, Chair Yoga, and Zumba Gold.  And don’t forget about our Wednesday BINGO!  All fitness levels are welcome! 

Though we are currently not serving any food or drink, there is still plenty of flexibility and fun.  New participants are encouraged and warmly welcomed!  Hope to see you soon! Lynn Sullivan, Director, New Milford Senior Activity Center


2022 Senior Center Rules and Policies
New Milford Senior Activity Center Membership Information and Policies Regarding Inappropriate or Disruptive Behavior For Live and Virtual Activities
The following procedure applies to members, prospective members, and guests (collectively, “members”) who are deemed disruptive and exhibiting inappropriate behavior.
Membership is open to all seniors, (60 years of age and older,) who can engage in the activities of daily living, independently, or with assistance from their escort, aide, or family member, including, but not limited to personal care and hygiene.  The Director of the New Milford Senior Activity Center reserves the right to reverse this decision at a later date, based on observation, and staff recommendations.  
Trial Basis- At the request of a member or a member’s family, the Director may offer participation on a conditional basis to a member.  The Director reserves the right to refuse to enroll a person who requires individual care beyond the scope offered by the New Milford Senior Activity Center. Referral- The Director may refer the member and his/her family to services better suited to the member’s needs.
Disruptive or Inappropriate Behavior-
Any behavior by a member, which negatively affects the safety of the New Milford Senior Activity Center and its participants, may result in immediate exclusion.  Examples of this behavior are assault and battery, sexual, physical, and verbal abuse and harassment, incontinence/inability to toilet themselves, disorientation, property damage, inappropriate interaction with a minor or other volunteer, or any other behavior that is deemed inappropriate at the New Milford Senior Activity Center and property.  Examples of inappropriate behavior include foul language, racist comments, bullying or abusive language, political comments, inability to stay awake, poor hygiene, body odor, or refusal to provide registration information, which includes name, address, phone, and date of birth.  Failure to abide by current Covid-19 rules, such as wearing masks, or socially distancing as directed is also behavior that can lead to immediate exclusion.
When the Director or Staff learns, either through reports or by direct observation, that a member is disruptive or acting inappropriately while at the New Milford Senior Activity Center, the Director or Staff may informally identify the problem to the offending member and ask for a change in behavior before invoking a formal response.  The escalating formal responses are:
Verbal Warning- The member is to be informed of the behavior causing disruption and will be asked to correct the behavior.  Family members will be contacted when appropriate.  If necessary, Boro Administrator and/or Director of Social Services will also be contacted.
Written Warning- The member has failed to remedy the problem and is subject to expulsion if the problem behavior is not corrected.
Revised August 20, 2021 / Dir. NM Senior Activity Ctr.

For information about affordable housing opportunities in New Milford, please click here 

SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER Located at 275 River Road  (201) 599-7565

Monday through Friday - 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

Lynn Sullivan - Director The mission of the Senior Citizen Activity Center is to promote the physical, emotional and economic well being of seniors age 60 and up and to encourage their participation in all aspects of community life.  The Senior Citizen’s Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to this department. The activities provided at the Senior Citizen Activity Center are Physical, Intellectual, Social, Creative, in addition to Special Events. The descriptions and definitions of the activities are as follows: Physical - The programs provide a variety of physical activities in a group exercise atmosphere that is appropriate for older residents.  These activities inlcude low impact aerobics, toning and strengthening, chair yoga, tai chi and ZUMBA gold. Intellectual - The Senior Citizen’s Activity Center provides stimulating and informative programs to support the independence of older residents, including a lending library, movie matinees, educational lectures, and games promoting mental stimulation. Social - The Senior Citizen’s Activity Center arranges and presents events, performances, luncheons, and outings, providing an opportunity to socialize with peers, share experiences, and make new friends. Creative - The Senior Citizen’s Activity Center programs provide mind stimulating activities using the imagination, original thought, and constructive and creative ideas including painting classes and arts and crafts. Special Events/Services – The Senior Citizen’s Activity Center and Director along with the Senior Citizen Advisory Board recommend and arrange for presentations by hospitals, schools, insurance companies, New Milford Community, Police, County and State agencies and their services providing advice and information to seniors about their personal safety, concerns and health.  
Residents only, subject to change

State Website: COVID19.nj.gov 
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877-294-HELP (4357)

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