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Port Authority Customer Notice 2020
1/15/2020 - George Washington Bridge Bus Station - Saddle River Tours Bus Service Termination (click here)

The Port Authority of NY and NJ has decided to terminate the operating agreement with Saddle River Tours to operate at the Port Authority's George Washington Bridge Bus Station (GWBBS). Saddle River Tours has an ongoing pattern of prolonged financial delinquencies, non-responsive communication, and recent abandonment of service to commuters over the past two (2) years.
Starting on January 25, 2020, Saddle River Tours bus company, which offers two services (Route 11C & Route 20/84) from Rockland County, New York to New York City for Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ residents traveling into the City, will no longer operate out of the GWBBS.
Saddle River Tours’ Route 11C has 8-weekday arrivals, 7-weekday departures, and limited weekend service; the route begins in Spring Valley, New York and makes several stops in Rockland County New York and Bergen County, New Jersey. Route 20/84 has 3-weekday arrivals and departures and no weekend service; it begins in Tappan, New York and makes several stops in Bergen County, New Jersey. These two routes combined serve approximately 200 customers each weekday.
Customers affected by the Saddle River Tours termination have the option to take the Rockland Coach bus service, offering service similar to that of Saddle River, with the exception of an end destination of the Midtown Manhattan Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) rather than the GWBBS. 
Route 11C passengers may take Rockland Coach bus 11A into the Port Authority Bus Terminal (8th Ave & 42)-https://web.coachusa.com/CoachUsaAssets/files/97/route11a.pdf

Route 20/84 passengers may take Rockland Coach bus 20T into the Port Authority Bus Terminal (8th Ave & 42) -https://web.coachusa.com/CoachUsaAssets/files/97/route20.pdf
The Port Authority has been in contact with Rockland Coach and has been assured that the Rockland Coach routes have capacity to service Saddle River Tours commuters. For additional information regarding alternative services, please contact Rockland Coach at (201) 263-1254 or visit the website, https://www.coachusa.com/contact. We will continue to assess alternatives for Rockland and Bergen County customers seeking to access Port Authority facilities in Manhattan.
Beginning tomorrow, Port Authority staff will begin distributing the attached notice, advising of the termination of Saddle River services, to Saddle River passengers as they exit their buses at the GWBBS. Communication with customers will include information on alternate commuting services and will include outreach through PABT E-alerts and social media channels. PABT Info Agents at PABT Information desks will also be available to assist former Saddle River customers to identify appropriate routes for their respective commutes.
For up-to-date information on bus service out of the PABT and GWBBS, customers may also download the MyTerminal Mobile App (https://www.panynj.gov/port-authority/en/help-center/social-media/mobile-apps.html#MyTerminal) from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. MyTerminal provides users with scheduled departure time and gate location for all departing buses, real-time alerts about incidents impacting bus service, and directories showing the location of services available at the terminal, including ticketing, shops and restaurants, restrooms, ATMs, charging stations and more.