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Green Team
Green Team
The current Green Team was established and  appointed by the Mayor and Council on July 27, 2020. The purpose of the Green Team is to work with the Borough of New Milford to save tax dollars, assure clean air and drinking water, improve working and living environments to build a community that is sustainable and diverse environmentally, economically and socially.
Meeting Dates:  The Green Team meets every second Tuesday of the month. All meetings are currently virtual and open to the public.
Mission:   The New Milford Green Team will advise the Borough officials on ways to improve municipal operations with “GREEN” Initiatives which are economically and environmentally sound through research and evaluation.
Members:     (one year terms from 1/1/23 - 12/31/23)                                                                                                             

Anita Pinto
Jeffrey DelVecchio
Khara Hutchinson
Norm Krause
Councilwoman Lisa Sandhusen -  Liaison
Supporting Members:
Stefan Becker, Professor, Environmental Science
Diane Grimaldi, Deputy Administrator/Deputy Clerk
Goals:   Submit a report and recommendations to the Borough Council by December 31, 2021 which include:
  1. To obtain Sustainable Jersey Bronze level certification through completing and documenting completed actions and earning points for the same.
  2. To evaluate the fleet efficiency for the year using data from the fleet inventory.
  3. Suggestions on best practices for “greener” municipal operations.
  1. Apply to available Sustainable Jersey grant programs in 2021 to support the Borough’s efforts to track energy consumption and improve energy utilization efficiency.
  2. Encourage participation of residents and employees to solicit ideas and implement green initiatives.
  3. Research and analyze green initiatives which make practical environmental and financial sense and develop strategies for sustainable green initiatives in municipal Operations.
Current Projects:
Sustainable Jersey Bronze Certification:
The New Milford Green Team is currently working with the Borough Departments to help get New Milford Bronze certification. Sustainable Jersey certification is a FREE, voluntary, and prestigious designation for municipal governments in New Jersey.  Municipalities that achieve certification are considered by their peers, state government and experts and civic organizations in New Jersey, to be among the leaders in the state. For more details on the actions please visit https://www.sustainablejersey.com/certification/
2021 Free Technical Assistance for Energy Initiatives:
The Green team is excited to announce that New Milford is selected in the Sustainable Jersey’s Technical Assistance Program for 2021. This program will provide help to improve facility operations through energy analysis, planning, and upgrades. SJ staff with in-depth training in energy project assessment and development will work with New Milford Staff and the Green team for approximately 10-12 weeks during spring 2021.
Fleet Inventory:
The Green team is currently working with the New Milford DPW and other departments to get the Fleet Inventory Data set up. The data collected will be used to calculate the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), CH4 (Methane), and N2O (Nitrous Oxide) emissions based on the inputted fuel use.
If you would like to get in touch with the New Milford Green team, please feel free to reach us via email here.
For all volunteering queries, please reach out to us via email here.