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Building Department
Construction Official: Alan Silverman  x 7572
Building/Mechanical Inspector: Bobby Sherrow
Electrical Inspector: Frank Dyer (Duffy)
Plumbing Inspector: Michael Sestanovich
Fire Inspector: Alan Silverman
Zoning Official: Vince Cahill 201-967-8172

 Inspection Schedule 

Building: Tuesday/ Thursday       3:30pm -   6:30pm
Mechanical: Tuesday/Thursday   3:30pm -   6:30pm
Electric:  Tuesday/ Thursday        3:30 pm -  6:00 pm
Fire:        Monday/Thursday          1:00 pm -   4:00 pm
Plumbing: Monday/Wednesday   4:00 pm -  6:30 pm

Please call the office at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an inspection and have your permit number available. 201 967-5044 x 5560

N.J.A.C 5:23-2.14 Construction Permits - when required:
It shall be unlawful to construct, enlarge, repair, renovate, alter, reconstruct or demolish a structure, or change the use of a building or structure, or portion thereof, or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by this chapter, without first filing an application with the construction official, or the appropriate subcode official where the construction involves only one trade or subcode, in writing and obtaining the required permit therefore.

If in doubt whether or not a permit is required, please call:
(201) 967-5044  Yunyska x 5415 or Maureen x 5560

ATTENTION: Effective January 1, 2019 anyone utilizing battery powered smoke alarms for the purpose of obtaining a Certificate of Smoke Alarm, Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Portable Fire Extinguisher Compliance must utilize Ten-year sealed battery-powered detectors that shall be listed in accordance with ANSI/UL 217.This requirement does not affect hardwired, A/C powered single or multi station devices or low voltage system devices.
*NOTE* All renters of single family homes must apply for a smoke detector/carbon monoxide certification inspection from the Fire Prevention Bureau, prior to renting a premise.  Please call the Building Department to set up an inspection with the Fire Official.

All rentals of 1 and 2 family or attached single family structures require an inspection by the Fire Prevention Bureau.  All rentals require a cerification of smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm and portable fire extinquisther complicance as per N.J. Uniform Fire Code 5:70-2-3.

The property owner muist call the New Milford Fire Prevention Bureau for an appointment at (201) 967-7067.  A $35 fee is required for the inspection.

A zoning permit is required to replace and existing or new fence or shed. Surveys are required to show where the fences or sheds will be placed.  Fence permits are $75.00.  A zoning permit is needed for replacement or new shed 100 sq. feet or less. The cost for the zoning permit  for the shed is $65.00.   If the shed is over 100 sq. feet you need a zoning permit and a Uniform Construction Code Permit.  There is no standard cost for this permit as it is priced according to value of construction and labor.  You also need plans showing a foundation and size of shed including the height, building material being used and if any electric is being installed.  Please call Vince Cahill in the Department of Public Works if you have any further questions.
Zoning Permit and Fence Permit application forms are available  on the right.

Select from the list of forms. Print out the form, fill it out, and bring it in to the Zoning Officer at the DPW for processing.