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Safely Back Home


Several months ago, I began working with Mr. Paul Jetter, who started a program named “Safely Back Home”. I am very excited about the project and anxious to launch it in New Milford. I’ve recruited a few officers in my department (P.O. Keith Wester, P.O. Scott Petrie, and P.O. Justin Pisano) to work with Mr. Jetter and carefully adopt his methods to our police department. Our Social Services director Donna Foxen has also been advised, and she is eager to lend a hand.

This program is FREE to all New Milford residents who have loved ones with certain disabilities. The Safely Back Home program is designed to provide additional peace of mind for:

1.Parents of children (any age) with Autism, Down Syndrome, or other cognitive disabilities that involve wandering, becoming lost, and have difficulty providing emergency services with personal identification and/or contact information.


2.People with family members that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, or other disabilities that involve wandering, routinely falling and/or becoming unconscious. It is also common for the afflicted to become lost and unable to provide emergency services with personal identification and/or contact information.

All New Milford residents interested in the program are invited to bring THREE clothing items, new or existing, which the person suffering from a disability enjoys wearing on a routine basis (i.e. shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, back-packs, etc.) Safely Back Home will professionally imprint the clothing for FREE, with the Safely Back Home logo, the New Milford Police Department’s contact number, and the person’s unique I.D. number.

Should Emergency Services personnel, or a concerned citizen encounter a disoriented person wearing a clothing item with the Safely Back Home imprint, he or she can call the New Milford Police Department and relay the personal I.D. number. That number will be kept in a database that contains personal identification, emergency contact numbers and/or any other information used to assist the disabled.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact Mr. Paul Jetter at (201) 874-4054, or by e-mailing him at pjetter@safelybackhome.org.

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