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Borough Hall
930 River Road
New Milford, NJ 07646
Phone: 201-967-5044 
Fax:     201-262-7967


Operating Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

*Except for holidays (see list below)

If you have any trouble with accessing information contained within this website, please contact the website administrator at 201-967-5044. 

Borough Directory

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Phone: 201-967-8172
Email: jburdge@newmilfordboro.com

Adamiak, Joanna
Health Inspector
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext.7404
Email: jadamiak@newmilfordboro.com

Amoroso, Denise
Tax Collector
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7387
Email: damoroso@newmilfordboro.com

Bonte, Melissa
Violations Clerk
Phone: 201-967-5044 x5720
Email: mbonte@newmilfordboro.com

Bresla, Syl
DPW Superintendent
Email: sbresa@newmilfordboro.com

Brunner, Denise
Office of Emergency Management
Email: oem@newmilfordboro.com

Cahill, Vince
DPW Superintendent, Property Maintenance Officer, Zoning Officer
Phone: 201-967-8172
Email: vcahill@newmilfordboro.com

Calamari, Mike
Public Works Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 201-967-8172
Email: dpw@newmilfordboro.com

Demiris, Christine
Borough Administrator / Clerk
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7056
Email: cdemiris@newmilfordboro.com

Duffie, Randi
Email: rduffie@newmilfordboro.com

Grant, Hedy
Email: hgrant@newmilfordboro.com

Grimaldi, Diane
Deputy Administrator/Deputy Clerk/Deputy Registrar
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 5386
Email: dgrimaldi@newmilfordboro.com

Grotsky, Ira
Email: igrotsky@newmilfordboro.com

Hartmann, Terry
Administrative Secretary
Phone: 201-967-5044
Email: thartmann@newmilfordboro.com

Heinemann, John

Phone: 201-686-7692

Hill, Jeff
Senior Transportation
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7874
Email: jhill@newmilfordboro.com

Langschultz, Kelly
Email: klangschultz@newmilfordboro.com

LePage, Joan
Board of Health Secretary / Registrar
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7075
Email: jlepage@newmilfordboro.com

Maury, Irene
Human Services Director
Phone: 201-967-7754
Email: imaury@newmilfordboro.com

McColl, Terrie
Library Director
Phone: 201-262-1221
Email: mccoll@newmilford.bccls.org

McLeod, Diana
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 201-967-5044
Email: dmcleod@newmilfordboro.com

Michkowski, Kathleen
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 5247
Email: kmichkowski@newmilfordboro.com

Oppelaar, Maureen
Certified Technical Assistant, Zoning Board Secretary
Phone: 201-967-5044 X 5560
Email: moppelaar@newmilfordboro.com

Palma RN, Lorraine
Public Health Nurse
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7221
Email: lpalma@newmilfordboro.com

Putrino, Michael
Phone: 201-967-5044
Email: mputrino@newmilfordboro.com

Ramaci, Frank
Police Chief
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 2235

Sereno, Lisa
Planning Board Secretary & Technical Assistant in the Building Dept
Phone: 201-967-5044 X 5415
Email: lsereno@newmilfordboro.com

Seymour, Matthew
Phone: 201-967-5044
Email: mseymour@newmilfordboro.com

Silverman, Alan
Fire Marshall
Phone: 201-967-7067
Email: asilverman@newmilfordboro.com

Sirocchi-Hurley, Thea
Email: tsirocchi@newmilfordboro.com

Stucke, Susan
Municipal Court Administrator
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 8482
Email: sstucke@newmilfordboro.com

Sullivan, Lynn
Senior Center Director
Phone: 201-599-7565
Email: lsullivan@newmilfordboro.com

Supino, Patricia
Deputy Court Administrator
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 5646
Email: psupino@newmilfordboro.com

Taormina, James
Construction Official, Building Inspector
Phone: 201-967-5044 X 7572

Valcich, Margaret
Tax Office

Violations Clerk
Melissa Bonte
Phone: 201-967-5044 x 5720
Email: mbonte@newmilfordboro.com

Wilkins, Patrick
Tax Assessor
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7294
Email: pwilkins@newmilfordboro.com

Wilson, Cheryle
Tax Clerk
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7360
Email: cwilson@newmilfordboro.com

Yanovich, Sam
Health Officer
Phone: 201-967-5044 ext. 7224
Email: sam.yanovich@njlincs.net

Borough Holidays - 2019
New Year’s Day   Monday, January 1st           
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday   Monday, January 21st                                              
President’s Day Monday, February 18th                                                     
Good Friday    Friday, April 19th                                                 
Memorial Day  Monday, May 27th                                            
Independence Day**   Wednesday, July 4th & 5th                                                 
Labor Day Monday, September 2nd                                             
Columbus Day Monday, October 14th                                                     
Veteran’s Day Monday, November 11th                                                     
Thanksgiving* Thursday, November 28th & 29th                                               
Christmas Wednesday, December 25th

* In lieu of Election Day, the office will be closed the day after Thanksgiving,
Friday, November 29, 2019.
**  In lieu of Lincoln’s Birthday the office will be closed Friday, July 5, 2019