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New Milford 100th Anniversary

New Milford to Celebrate 100 Years!

There will be a variety of festivities throughout the year to celebrate the New Milford Borough's Centennial, which begins in 2022. Please email Nancy here for more information.

Schedule of Events 

Streetlamp Banner Sponsorship Program 
Thank you to the local businesses, community organizations and individuals who sponsored a commemorative streetlamp banner! We are SOLD OUT! A list of sponsors can be found here. Proceeds from this program go toward the Centennial Celebration.

List of Sponors  

New Milford Time Line                   

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Oral Histories  (Check out our NEW YouTube Channel!)

The Stories of New Milford  These stories are based upon interviews conducted for our oral history project. Photographs are from the commission’s archives and clippings from the website, newspapers.com.