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NM Senior Center FAQ
  • Please note that Phase One of the Senior Center re-opening is for New Milford residents only
How has the center prepared for the return of participants? The center has received regular cleanings and sanitizations to meet CDC/COVID safety guidelines and will continue nightly cleaning with those same standards. Bathrooms and high traffic areas will be sanitized hourly. Your patience is required for new entrance procedures which may include waiting to sign in or maintaining social distancing. Room setups or furniture may be different. Signage is posted to notify procedures such as hand washing, check-ins, distancing, and masks. Staff is fully vaccinated.

What safety measures are in place to prevent COVID-19? No temperature checks are required at this time.  However, you must stay home if you feel ill. Masks are required for all participants and staff. Hand washing is strongly encouraged; hand sanitizing is available in each room. Participants are asked to follow the center code of conduct and COVID protocol. Staff is authorized to refuse entry or send home anyone exhibiting signs of illness, or those refusing to follow the new policies.  

 What are the expectations for using the center?  Use the front entrance only to come in. The side entrance will now be locked from the outside and participants must use that exit to leave.  In an emergency, all three doors can be used for a quick exit.  At the welcome desk, you will be asked to sign a waiver or other paperwork.  Staff will verify you are registered, and you will sign in. Please allow enough time for the check in process/parking.  No one is permitted to join a class without following these procedures. No one is permitted to “drop in” without being registered. 

Will the center check vaccine cards? Participants are not required to show proof of vaccination. 

Do we have to wear a mask?  Mask policies will be posted at the entrance and throughout the center, in accordance with current CDC recommendations and guidance from the state of NJ. At this time, masks are required for everyone.

What’s in the waiver I am required to sign? By signing the liability waiver, you acknowledge there are health risks and dangers associated with the transmission of communicable diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19. The waiver also states that you recognize there may be an increased risk that you, your family, and/or caregivers will be exposed to such communicable diseases by virtue of participation in any New Milford Senior Center program.  You are required to sign daily waiver forms each time you use the center.

Will free transportation be available? The “county bus” will not be available during Phase One. New Milford Senior Transportation is operating but currently limited to doctor’s visits. Staff can provide more information about additional senior transportation options.

Will hand sanitizer be available? Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the center. Please refrain from filling a personal container.

How many people can use the center at a time?  Attendance will be limited to a certain number, depending on the class, with no more than 25 people at any time.

What activities are available?   Monthly calendars are posted on the boro website and can be emailed or picked up in person. Activities include exercise classes, socialization, games, brain health, and lectures. No bus trips are planned for 2021.

Do I need to register?  Classes and activities are scheduled to resume September 7. Registration dates for the fall season are on Monday August 23rd from 1-3 pm and Wednesday August 25th from 10 am -12 pm.  Those unable to make it to the registration can arrange to meet with staff during the week of August 30th. It will be possible to register later if space permits, or if new classes are added to the schedule.

Will there still be ZOOM or Facebook Live classes?  Zoom and Facebook Live classes will still be offered on a more limited schedule.  Facebook Live classes will continue to be open to any senior, without a residency limitation. 

Do I need to pay a fee?  No membership fee is required for any New Milford senior.

Will lunch be available?  No “County Lunch” will be available at this time.  No food is permitted during Phase One.

Will coffee and/or tea service be available?   All day coffee will not be offered, but some activities, such as BINGO, may include coffee/tea service.  You are encouraged to bring your own drinks in a spill-proof bottle. Water fountains are available.